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Where do I access the CTEA forms within the IRS Data Exchange?

  • The CTEA forms are located in the ‘Bulk Upload’ tab which can be located above the blue bar with your institutions name.

Why am I receiving a “No Assigned Insts” message when I hover over the Show Upload Log button?

  • The No Assigned Ints message means the system is not recognizing the INST_ID in column A. Please be sure to use your 12 digit INST_ID. The SEDCODE used for previous collections is no longer being used. To find your INST_ID please use the link to our Support Page listed above. Also, please format the first column as a 12 digit 'number'. 

Where can I find my INST_ID?

Why am I receiving an error when uploading my file?

  • Please be sure to use the most recent version of the template which can be found by clicking the form name within the IRS Data Exchange (IDEx). The headings will need to match exactly for the IDEx to accept the upload. Please note: data should begin on row 3, the first two columns should remain as is on the template.

Why are the IRP codes starting with 0’s erroring even though they are valid?

  • Please remove any leading zeroes from your IRP codes. Due to the way the form has been programmed any IRP’s with leading zeroes will kick back an error.

Why are the fields that are required for the February submission only populating as required for the September submission?

  • For CTEA-1 only, not CTEA-2, the programmers have made the below fields required for the September submission.  Even though this is information that should only be required in the February submission, you will need to populate these fields with an option that will not indicate a ‘yes’ or some type of known data response. 

For example:

CTEA 1 / TSA Taken / DYN||7033_DYN                        Enter a 0 (if none to be reported)

CTEA 1 / TSA Passed / DYN||7026_DYN                      Enter a 0 (if none to be reported)

CTEA 1 / EMPSTAT_ID / DYN||7027_DYN                    Enter 6 (for Other/Unknown)

CTEA 1 / EDUCSTAT_ID / DYN||7021_DYN                  Enter 3 (for Unknown)

CTEA 1 / Surveyed / DYN||7042_DYN                          Enter 2 (for No)

CTEA 1 / Responded to Survey / DYN||7023_DYN       Enter 2 (for No)


Why is the Hispanic/Ethnicity fields erroring when I choose 1 for the Hispanic field?

  • The Hispanic category is separate from the ethnicity fields. Therefore, if you have selected a 1 for Hispanic (column G), you will also need to select atleast one Race.  If the Race/Ethnicity is unknown, you must enter a 1 in the column Race/Ethnicity Unknown. (column M).

Why am I getting an error for the CIPCodes I'm entering?

  • This field must be filled out using the most recent version of the 2010 Federal (IPEDS) 6-digit program code. NOTE: this MUST be entered in Text Format: XX. XXXX

Since we are reporting this data for the previous academic year, please follow the latest CIPCode list from napequity (this list was issued in 2010 and updated in 2013). This older list includes the nontraditional flags. The new list that was just released and is in IPEDS, is for next year’s reporting. The new list does not have any nontraditional flags, which is important for calculating the nontraditional performances.

What are the survey fields in reference to?

  • The survey question refers to the survey your institution is required to send out to students to gather information on Employment and Education Status for the February CTEA submission. Note: the survey field(s) are programmed to require a response for the September submission for CTEA-1, therefore, please answer 'No' for both survey questions for now and you will need to update these questions in the February submission.