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Where do I access the CTEA forms within the IRS Data Exchange?

  • Login to the IDEx and click on the CTEA form you want to download and populate.  The forms:

Enrollment (due in September)

for CTEA 1                       download the CTEA 1A form.

      CTEA 2                       download the CTEA 2A form.

Placement (due in February)

for CTEA 1                       download the CTEA 1B form.

      CTEA 2                      download the CTEA  2B form.



I am receiving a “No Assigned Insts” message when I hover over the Show Upload Log button.

  • The No Assigned Ints message means the system is not recognizing the INST ID in column A. Please be sure to use your 12 digit INST ID (The SEDCODE used for previous collections is no longer being used). To find your INST ID please use the link to our Support Page listed above. Also, please format the first column as a 12 digit 'number'.


I am receiving an error when uploading my file.

  • Please be sure to use the most recent version of the template which can be found by clicking the form name within the IRS Data Exchange (IDEx). The headings and worksheet tabs will need to match exactly for the IDEx to accept the upload.



The IRP codes starting with 0’s are erroring even though they are valid.

  • Please remove any leading zeroes from your IRP codes. Due to the way the form has been programmed any IRP’s with leading zeroes will kick back an error.



The CIPCodes are erroring.

  • This field must be filled out using the most recent version of the 2020 Federal (IPEDS) 6-digit program code. NOTE: this MUST be entered in Text Format: XX. XXXX



What are the survey fields in reference to?

  • The survey questions on the CTEA 1B and the CTEA 2B refers to the survey your institution is required to send out to students to gather information on Employment and Education Status for the February CTEA submission.