My Contacts FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t see the form listed in the IDEx. 

  • The My Contacts form is located in the top right hand corner of the screen to the left of the logout button.


I don’t see a submit button, how do I submit and certify the form?

  • There is no longer a submit button for the My Contacts form. We ask that as administrators change throughout the year, the form be updated with the most current information.


Who can make changes to the My Contacts form?

  • Only the CEO/President and Director of Institutional Research can make changes.


What should I do if I am the Director of Institutional Research and do not have the ability to edit the form?

  • Please have your CEO/President login to the business portal and make sure you are listed as the Director of Institutional Research in the SED Delegated Account System and/or the IDEx My Contacts. They should also make sure you have been entitled to the IDEx within the SED Delegated Account System. (If the CEO cannot login to the business portal please send an email to


How do I update my institution's main phone number, website, email, or address?


Do all positions need to be filled in?

  • No, Bundy contact is for Bundy participants only, Nursing Contact is for High Needs Nursing Aid participants only, and CTEA Administrator/Grants officer are for Perkins/CTEA participants only. Dean School of Education and Designated Teacher Education contact are for institutions with Teacher prep programs. All other positions are required.


Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the My Contacts form?