Changes to the 2019-20 Directory of Off-Campus Instructional Locations

I want to provide some clarification about what instructional locations need to be reported on this year’s form. We have received a couple of questions asking for clarification. We will update the HEDS Instruction Manual to make it more clear as a result of feedback received.

  • This form must be completed for each main and branch campus concerning all off-campus instructional locations associated with each such campus.


  • Please report all locations that fall in any of these 3 categories (see Instruction Manual for definitions of the below).
    • Extension center
    • Extension site
    • Commissioner Exceptions


  • In the recent past, institutions were instructed not to report the locations that fell under Commissioner Exceptions (Non NYS, Clinical Practices, Secondary Schools, Correctional Facilities, Native American Reservations, and Other). After further discussions it was determined that we do want to collect information on locations that fall under Exception, so we are asking that you begin reporting these again.


  • We have put together a step by step guide on how to submit your form in the IDEx and an FAQ document. You can find these on our page.


We hope this additional information helps. We appreciate all your feedback and patience.