IDEx General FAQ

I am receiving an error message when attempting to submit my data, and/or I am unable to check the ‘Attestation’ in order to submit my form.

  • This could be a result of the Web browser being used. Our applications always work best in Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is often not compatible with our applications, even if you are using the most recent version.

The form is not allowing me to enter a Total, and/or the form is not calculating a Total.

  • Certain fields are set up to auto-calculate totals; you will not be able to enter the data yourself. The calculation will go into effect after you press the “Save” button.

If a field says “N/A,” what should I do?

  • You do not need to do anything for a field marked “N/A.” You will not be able to enter any data yourself. A field marked “N/A” indicates data that will be calculated by our office.

I have already submitted my data, but need to make changes. How can I do that?

  • If it is before the due date, you may simply log into the IRS Data Exchange, go to the form you wish to modify, and click the “Make Changes” button. If it is after the due date, the form will become locked, and you must create a ticket through the higheredsupport.

How can I print a copy of our completed data form?

  • Once you have submitted the form you can click on File in your browser menu. You can then select Print Preview to determine if portrait or landscape view is better suited to the form. Finally, you can Print and select to Save to a PDF rather than have it print to your printer.

We need more time to complete our data form. Can we be granted a grace period?

  • In the IRS Data Exchange, the due dates are ‘hard dates’ - meaning you will not be able to enter data after the due date. If you need more time to complete a report, you must create a ticket through the higheredsupport page, providing the reason why a grace period is needed and a reasonable date when you expect to complete the submission. We will respond letting you know if we can allow a grace period.