SEDDAS Account Setup

Institution's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director of Institutional Research will be issued SEDDAS usernames and passwords on Dec. 7th. You should receive an email with this information from Please follow the instructions in the email to set up your account.

CEOs and Directors of Institutional Research will need to set up accounts for other staff who play a role in submitting, reviewing, and/or certifying data.  For more information on setting up accounts please visit the SEDDAS Home Page and more specifically, Section 3 and 10-12 of the SEDDAS User Guide.

Moving forward if the CEO or Director of Institutional Research for an institution changes you will need to submit the change using the NYSED-SUR1 form found in HEDSLive. Once the change is made in SEDREF by NYSED staff, a SEDDAS username and password will be issued and emailed to you. Other accounts set up by the institution will need to be managed by the institution itself. Please see our FAQ if you have other questions.