Directory of Off-Campus Instructional Locations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the instructions for this report?

  • The complete instruction manual can be found posted to our forms page

What is the due date for the form?

  • The due date has been extended to October 4, 2019 for this year.

Are institutions required to complete the form if they have no off-campus locations?

  • Yes. The Directory of Off-Campus Instructional Locations is a required form for all institutions.

If we have nursing programs or teacher education programs, should we report each location our students go to for their field work (education) or their clinicals (nursing)?

  •  Institutions should NOT report locations at which students are doing clinical or field work, or at which less than a full course is being offered.

 For example: If all students in a program go to a specialized laboratory to take a full course, then that should be reported.  If students in a security program, however, go to a shooting range to take the gun safety portion of a firearms operations course, then that doesn’t need to be reported.

  •  Institutions should report an off-campus location if a full course is being offered at that location.

Should we report locations that are considered “exceptions”?

  •  Yes. You need to report locations that are considered “exceptions”. A location that falls under the Commissioner Exceptions means that it does not have to meet the requirements of Commissioner’s Regulation 54.1, which requires the Commissioner’s approval of the location.  If a location falls under one of the exceptions in Commissioner’s Regulation 54.2, that just means that the institution didn’t need to have the location approved; it doesn’t mean that the institutions don’t have to report the location. Commissioner’s Regulation 54.3 requires that colleges maintain records of every location at which they offer courses for credit, and report that to us if we request it.

 Are all High Schools considered "exceptions"?  

  •  It depends.  The Commissioner’s Regulation 54.2 exception for secondary schools applies if the instruction is only being offered to the secondary school students at that school. A college could be operating an extension site, extension center, or branch campus on the property of a secondary school, in which case they should be reported as such and not as an exception.

 We offer credit-bearing courses at secondary schools to high school students; however, these students are non-matriculated (they are not enrolled in a degree program on campus). Should these locations still be reported?

  •  Yes. You should report those locations.

Our institution offers courses that are taught at our main campus, but streamed (via satellite, etc.) to other locations; should we include those locations in our reporting?

  • No. You do not need to report distance education locations, as the instruction is physically taking place at the main institution.

Should institutions who have branches outside of New York State be reporting those?

  •  Yes. You should report those locations.

 Should institutions report study abroad / global campuses?

  •  If these locations are a unit of your institution—then yes, you should report. Otherwise, no, do not report.

  If we have joint degree programs with another institution, should we include that institution as an additional off-campus instructional site?

  •  No. Do not report that institution.

I am unable to enter new locations, I keep receiving an error message.

  • Please try using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Internet Explore does not work well with our applications and may give you errors. If you continue to have issues, please email a screenshot of the error to 

How do I delete a location?

  • You can’t delete a location, but you can change the Location status to inactive if no instruction is taking place at that location.

I don't see where to enter the course registration and location information.

  • Click on the location name to expand the section and see all the location information.
  • Before changes can be made you must click the ‘Make Changes’ button at the top right of the form review page.

 Is there a way to sort the locations by name?

  • We currently do not have a sort feature. We are discussing with our technical team to see if we can add it as an enhancement to this report in the future.