Directory of Off-Campus Instructional Locations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the due date for the form?

  • The due date has been extended to October 4, 2019 for this year.

Are institutions required to complete the form if they have no off-campus locations?

  • The Directory of Off-Campus Instructional Locations is a required form for all institutions.

I am unable to enter new locations, I keep receiving an error message.

  • Please try using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Internet Explore does not work well with our applications and may give you errors. If you continue to have issues, please email a screenshot of the error to 

How do I delete a location?

  • You can’t delete a location, but you can change the Location status to inactive if no instruction is taking place at that location.

I don't see where to enter the course registration and location information.

  • Click on the location name to expand the section and see all the location information.
  • Before changes can be made you must click the ‘Make Changes’ button at the top right of the form review page.

 Is there a way to sort the locations by name?

  • We currently do not have a sort feature. We are discussing with our technical team to see if we can add it as an enhancement to this report in the future.

 Where are the instructions for this report?

  • The complete instruction manual can be found posted to our forms page