IRS Data Exchange (IDEx)

The IRS Data Exchange (IDEx) application started being used in Dec. 2016. At first, the IDEx will be used to collect data sets which are currently not collected in HEDSLive.

The current list of forms which will be required to be reported in the IDEx is as follows:

  • Enrollment of College Students with Disabilities (NYSED-2H-2)
  • Estimate of Earned Degrees to be Conferred (NYSED-2A)
  • Certification of Earned Degrees Conferred (NYSED-2)
  • Student Financial Aid (NYSED-4.1)
  • College Catalog
  • Certification of Nursing Program Enrollment (NYSED-2N)
  • Full-Time Undergraduate Transfer Enrollment (NYSED-2.2)

To access the IDEx, go to the Business Portal and log in using the SEDDAS account you were issued.