Article 129-A and 129-B Certification Form

On or before July 1 of each year, New York State Institutions of Higher Education are required, by statute, to file with the NYS Education Department, certificates of compliance with the provisions of Article 129-A (§§6430-6438) and Article 129-B (§§6439-6449) of the New York State Education Law.

You can access the text of Article 129-A and Article 129-B on the New York State Legislature site.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please print and complete the certification of compliance form attached at the bottom of the page, scan the signed form and upload it using this link.

Do not mail the original certification form to the NYS Education Department. We recommend that you keep it on file at your institution.   

Please be aware that Article 129-A and Article 129-B state that an institution that fails to file the required certificates of compliance shall be ineligible to receive state aid or assistance until it files the certificates.

  • Questions about how to file the annual certification of compliance using this electronic system should be directed to:  
  • Questions about the requirements of Article 129-A and Article 129-B should be directed to the Department’s Office of College and University Evaluation at: